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Welcome! Transhealth Northampton was created to provide the best possible medical and mental healthcare for transgender and gender-diverse people close to home. We created the organization because we couldn’t find the care we needed for our families in western Massachusetts.

We have a big vision: to change the world of healthcare so trans and gender-diverse adults and kids are empowered and celebrated as they work with an affirming team to own their personal healthcare journey. We believe every community should have a clinic like ours.

We are a trans-led organization inspired by, and in service to, our community. We provide outstanding care to gender-diverse kids, adults, and families, and we advance that care through research, education, and advocacy.

Our Pillars

Clinical Care

We are devoted to providing comprehensive gender-affirming care across the lifespan. We believe that healthcare is all about curiosity, empowerment, and co-creation. We provide pediatric primary care, adult primary care, mental health care, and more! Learn about our clinical offerings by contacting us today.


We are committed to community-based participatory action research. We believe in nothing about us without us. We will never research on; we will research with. We believe that research can empower, but only if we work together and ensure everyone is at the table.


Let’s face it; there are a lot of myths and rumors out there about gender-affirming care. We are here to provide comprehensive education for patients, clinicians, students, families, and more. If we want to change the healthcare landscape, it starts with changing how we educate.


While Transhealth may sound idyllic, we still exist in a dysfunctional system. We are here to change that. We will advocate to advance gender-affirming care and to create a more humanistic and holistic healthcare system. We will continually fight for a more just form of healthcare.

Our Values

What We Offer

We operate with radical transparency to create a space where all voices are heard and seen. We are building a team that reflects the beautiful diversity of our patients and the world we are creating.

How We Started

Transhealth Northampton has its roots in the experience of founder Perry Cohen and his co-parent, Brooks Bull.  Tired of driving two to three hours to a city for certain types of gender-affirming care for themselves and their family, Perry and Brooks dreamed of creating a comprehensive center for gender-affirming care in Western Massachusetts.  With the generous support of his parents Jan and Rick Cohen, this dream became a reality.

The first step in founding the center was to build a team to conduct a study of local needs known as The PATH Project (Plan and Act for Transgender Health). This needs assessment was conducted as a partnership between local gender-diverse community members and staff from The Fenway Institute, Cooley Dickinson Health Care, and Harvard Medical School to ensure that as many voices as possible contributed to the foundation of the center. The goal of PATH was to reach as many people who typically don’t get their needs taken into consideration. Based on the needs assessment, the center could offer the services that people actually want and need with a commitment to always listen and respond to the community.

With the study complete, and the needs of the community clearly defined, Perry brought on the founding team of Dallas Ducar, CEO, Katie Wolf, COO, Brooke Stott, Program Manager, and Sophia Barrett, Intern, along with the Board Members Lauri Meade, MD, and Adrian Daul, MD.  From there, the team has continued to grow and thrive. 

“We are proud to put our family’s name on this project,” says Perry. “I think it’s important for folks to know that there are local community members who believe in this work, have a personal connection to it, and that as a family we are honored to support this work.”

Our Team

View staff: Dallas Ducar, MSN, APRN
Dallas Ducar is the Founder of Transhealth Northampton

Dallas Ducar, MSN, APRN

Chief Executive Officer

View staff: Katie Wolf, MBA

Katie Wolf, MBA

Chief Operating Officer

View staff: Brooke Stott, MSW

Brooke Stott, MSW

Outpatient Therapist; Community Partnerships

View staff: Andrew Cronyn, MD, FAAP

Andrew Cronyn, MD, FAAP

Pediatrician; Clinical Director

View staff: Melissa K. Heckman, LICSW, MEd

Melissa K. Heckman, LICSW, MEd

Outpatient Therapist

View staff: Eric Perez

Eric Perez

Patient Services Coordinator

View staff: Kate Albright-Jenkins

Kate Albright-Jenkins

Practice Manager

View staff: Andrew C. Sackett-Taylor, MSN, APRN

Andrew C. Sackett-Taylor, MSN, APRN

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

View staff: Arin McKona, ASN, RN

Arin McKona, ASN, RN

Ambulatory Nurse

View staff: Robyn Laferriere, ASN, RN

Robyn Laferriere, ASN, RN

Nurse Care Coordinator

View staff: Emily DeMartino, DNP, APRN

Emily DeMartino, DNP, APRN

Family Nurse Practitioner

Our Board of Directors

View staff: Adrian Daul, MD

Adrian Daul, MD

Board Member

View staff: Lauri Meade, MD

Lauri Meade, MD

Board Member

View staff: Perry Cohen

Perry Cohen

Board Member

View staff: Zoe Feldman
Headshot of Zoe

Zoe Feldman

Board Member

View staff: Durane Walker, MD
Durane Walker Headshot

Durane Walker, MD

Board Member